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Why would you support us?
It's easy. We are both student's, and this is not easy. My school (Rydlis, main dev.) cost cca 2000 CZK (77,5 €)+ for every month. It caused by traveling, college, food, school action, developing....Yes, I chose this life, but sometimes everyone need help. I don't want from you some big money, I'll be glad for every pound. Make LiQu OS little bit better. Support us. Links s will be availabe, but I don't know when, so skip to "How can I support you?" section on this page.

How can I support you?
People must know about LiQu OS, so add our banners to your signature on forum, like or If people will know about LiQu OS, maybe these people will port LiQu OS to they Android phones, and we will have bigger community, and that would be awesome :). Just imagine it... yes, this will be hardest thing, but we can make it! I trust you, LiQu OS users! Also, if you are the designer or if you are making wallpapers, would be awesome if you make some for our project.

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It's easy. click on the button, choose how much you want to send us and I will add you to "Donaters" section.

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